If you are looking for the fastest and cheapest internet plans to stay connected with your loved ones, Xfinity Internet Plans are best for your home and office. Are you one of those who browses a webpage but it takes several minutes to load the page? Then you definitely need to look for a better ISP because a slow internet not only tests your patience but sabotages your success. Good internet speed is one of the most dependable options for dealing with daily internet activities such as streaming, browsing, videoconferencing, downloading, uploading, or using various social platforms without interruption. Consider Xfinity internet packages or plans to obtain actual download and upload speeds.

Best Xfinity home internet plans

Xfinity plans and packages fit all types of needs. It offers great download speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to above with various speed tiers. It is wise to get the affordable internet plan with great speed and special deals mentioned below.

Light internet users300 MbpsIdeal for moderate internet activity such as SD streaming or HD through wired connection.
Medium internet users600 MbpsBest for users who wants to stream videos on more than one device.
Heavy internet users1200 MbpsBest for the users who wants to enjoy streaming, downloading and gaming as well.

Why Xfinity Internet Service?

Due to exceptional and great internet service, Xfinity has broadband subscribers in more than 40 states. It is one of the largest ISPs, offering internet service to almost 29 million subscribers. Xfinity also offers free speed test Xfinity tool for users to check their internet speed. Xfinity internet ratings are above average in every category, which makes it the best internet connection service. However, the service is not as fast as DSL, satellite, or fiber internet but provides a 3000 Mbps internet plan. All of its internet plans and packages are available at competitive prices. Customers can select from seven different plans that best fit their needs. If you are new to Xfinity internet plans, it offers an Xfinity flex streaming device with all of its plans.

Xfinity internet speeds and pricing details

Xfinity internet plans, speed, and pricing are different everywhere. Most of the locations have high prices, while others have the same pricing details and speed properties. Moreover, Xfinity’s term agreement and contract requirements also differ by region, and the price comes with an increment.

We have categorized the plans into three different regions, such as Northeast, Central, and East. It is important to remember, wherever you live, the monthly bill will exceed by $15 to $50 in the first year, while in some areas, new customers can get a discount for at least two years, which will dramatically increase in the third year.

Get to know the Xfinity internet plans in the West region

PlanDownload SpeedStarting PricePrice after 12 months
Connect50 Mbps$29.99 per month$44.99 per month
Connect More100 Mbps$39.99 per month$70.00 per month
Fast300 Mbps$49.99 per month$80.00 per month
Superfast600 Mbps$59.99 per month$90.00 per month
Ultrafast900 Mbps$69.99 per month$100.00 per month
Gigabit1200 Mbps$79.99 per month$110.00 per month
Gigabit Pro3000 Mbps$299.95 per month$299.95 per month

Xfinity Internet Plans in the Central Region

PlanDownload SpeedStarting PricePrice after 12 months
Connect50 Mbps$25.00 per month$59.00 per month
Connect More100 Mbps$40.00 per month$79.00 per month
Fast300 Mbps$50.00 per month$89.00 per month
Superfast600 Mbps$50.00 per month$99.00 per month
Ultrafast900 Mbps$60.00per month$109.00 per month
Gigabit1200 Mbps$70.00 per month$119.00 per month
Gigabit Pro3000 Mbps$299.95 per month$299.95 per month

Xfinity Internet Plans in Northeast Region

PlanDownload SpeedStarting PricePrice after 12 months
Performance Pro200 Mbps$39.99 per month$98.95 per month
Blast400 Mbps$59.99 per month$103.95 per month
Performance Starter50 Mbps$65.00 per month$65.00 per month
Extreme Pro800 Mbps$69.99 per month$108.95 per month
Performance100 Mbps$83.95 per month$83.95 per month
Gigabit1200 Mbps$79.99 per month$113.95 per month
Gigabit Pro3000 Mbps$299.95 per month$299.95 per month

Xfinity Internet plan options

After looking at the prices and Xfinity internet plans, it would be overwhelming for you to select the best internet plan that suits your needs. The detailed description of every plan helps to make a well-informed decision.

200 Mbps-300 Mbps

The internet plans with a download speed of 200 Mbps -300 Mbps are perfect for small homes. It is enough speed to enable a family of 3 to 4 people to enjoy streaming. It is perfect for moderate internet use, even on multiple devices.

50 Mbps

The internet plan with 50 Mbps download speed is not the cheapest plan, but it is still good to use it for moderate or light internet activity such as watching videos in SD or over a wired connection. An individual may have to deal with buffering or low picture quality by using the internet during peak times or connecting the internet to more than one device.

800 Mbps-900 Mbps

800 Mbps -900 Mbps download speed is ideal for gaming, downloading, or streaming on more than one device. It offers an upload speed of 25 Mbpsthat allows you to handle learning and working from home as well.

1200 Mbps

The internet download speed of 1200 Mbps is great for smart homes and gamers. It is the Xfinity Gigabit plan that allows you to handle all the internet needs of your home while giving you good peace of mind. Individuals can stream videos in 4K or in HD, enjoy gaming or use smart home devices without worrying.

2000 Mbps-3000 Mbps

It is one of Xfinity’s fastest Gigabit Pro internet plans offered to the residents. However, if you are living in a big house or if many people in the house are using the internet for streaming, gaming, or wanting to work from home, it is definitely the ideal plan. Because the Gigabit Pro plan is not available in all areas, you can reduce your speed to 1000 Mbps, which will meet the needs of multiple users.

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Signing off

As compared to other internet providers, Xfinity offers the cheapeast internet plans and all of them are affordable with good internet speed. even the gigabit plans are affordable as compared to other fiber providers. Thus, Xfinity internet plans surely offers fastest downloading speed for residents with best options and plans that fulfills the needs of every family member.